Did you know that?

Most words in English came from French and Latin. Many expressions came from situations that you never imagined. And English and American stuff are evolved in plenty of things that you use, speak, or at least know.



For exemplo: Pineapple is an English word for Abacaxi, but we also have a sort of this fruit called Ananáz. Although in English it is called Pineapple. Well take a look yourself.





So in English it would be like: 







Does it make any sense? No right?! but it’s still funny to think.


Another thing about English and French is the statue of liberty. The French people built it is based on a Greek goddess (Athena the goddess of war and wisdom), but it was given to Americans as a gift.




Cool right? So you just need to wait for more, English language is everywhere, come over every week to learn even more curiosities.

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